Impact & Meaning

In the bigger picture, education needs to improve students’ work life capabilities and employability in general.
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What is the impact on society?

There is always a bigger picture involved! Small things can become big things. Consider whether the impact is positive and to what extent, and how does the course comply ethically and morally with our society’s standards. Think beyond the Finnish society as well.

Work life

Work life

How are students prepared for work life?

Think of technical and interpersonal aspects; What are the tools and knowledge students will obtain which they can apply in work life? Work life is generally in constant flux, how can students be prepared to keep up with the demands and changes?

Teaching Lab / Impact & Meaning: Mission


What is the purpose?

Think about what is the driving force of the course and perhaps construct a mission statement for the course. Get started with the guidance of challenge-based learning principles.

Core values

Core values

What are the guiding principles?

Core values can be, for example, openness, respect, constant learning, curiosity, and collaboration. Guiding principles should be a red thread and visible throughout the course. Think about how they will be emphasized and how they are culturally sensitive and equal.

Teaching Lab / Impact & Meaning: Scalability


Can delivery be in another time and place?

Establish scalability for the course; can it be applied to another cultural setting. Will it be timely in one year, two years, or 5? How flexible is the framework of the course? Get started with drafting the outlines of this course/programme concept.

Teaching Lab / Impact & Meaning: Unique Selling Point

Unique Selling Point

What makes it unique?

Students will choose this course based on various factors, one of which is its uniqueness and appeal. Think about how the USP is communicated; does it sound compelling? What makes it different from other similar courses?

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