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AScI international summer research program: 2023 project list

Here are AScI's research projects for summer 2023. Most recently updated on 28.12.2022
(The 2024 list will be available mid-late December 2023)

This page is for archival purposes only. Here is the

2024 project list page

Aalto Science Institute international summer research programme
How to apply to the AScI international summer research programme

There are appoximately 70 available positions for 59 different research projects for summer 2023


  1. Some project # have multiple topics (noted in the titles)
  2. Some projects hire multiple researchers (noted in the project description)
  3. 12.01-20223- project 4113 info added. The list is now finalized.
  4. 03.01.2023 - The project list is finalized. The info for project 4113 is still pending.  
  5. 28.12.2022 - a number of new projects have been added since 18.12
  6. 18.12.2022 - the 2023 project list was posted (some projects are pending)

Full list of the projects with descriptions (pdf)

Summary of projects

School of Science                # projects
Department of Computer Science  30
Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis 2
Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering 1
Department of Applied Physics 9
School of Chemical Engineering                                                        # projects
Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems 2
Department of Chemistry and Materials Science 1
School of Electrical Engineering                                                        # projects
Department of Communications and Networking 8
Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics 1
School of Engineering                                                                                     # projects
Department of Civil Engineering 1
Department of Mechanical Engineering 4
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