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Educational game prototypes

Educational games come in all shapes and sizes. The question is: what would you like your educational game to do in your online teaching? Here we offer inspiration through three different prototypes that facilitate learning in different ways: through exploration, through application of knowledge, or for instruction.


The Sunless Delivery Van prototype is meant to be instructional. The game format allows us to present, describe, and contextualize knowledge in a way that keeps players and students engaged. Using a case based methodology, this game allows students to become more familiar, and get a better understanding of some fundamental accounting concepts. The more they play, the more information they will come across. The game is instructional and can be used as a tool for students to revise a certain module.

Play the game (you will be redirected to itch.io)

Meet the team:

Edward Morrell

Game Researcher, Design and Development
 David Derichs

David Derichs

Project Lead, 360 and VR Content
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