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ANI - COVID-19 information

Measurements at Aalto NeuroImaging facilities (MRI/fMRI, MEG, TMS, ABL) can be continued 10.6.2020.

We have revised our additional safety protocols and countermeasures against the spreading of the coronavirus causing covid-19. With the revised instructions, we have been given a go from Aalto to resume our measurements given that our own guidelines, Aalto guidelines as well as regulations and recommendations set by the Finnish government are followed.

Thus, the measurements at Aalto NeuroImaging facilities can be continued from 10.6.2020 onwards. (MEG Core from 15.6. onwards due to time and arrangements needed for cooling down the system.)

Valid for the time being (subject to changes; current version 30.11.2020):

  • All pre-existing and new guidelines must be followed and checked routinely for changes from this webpage.
  • Guidelines are overviewed in the INFORMATION_AND_CONTACTS document (see, below).
  • Before/During your measurement: You must fill in and follow the CHECKLIST document (see, below) for every measurement.
  • Changes 30.11.2020 in brief:

    • As the epidemic is in the spreading phase in the entire Uusimaa region, we also consider the possible exposure notification from e.g. koronavilkku -application as a reason for not coming to ANI premises. In this case, one should get a negative test result or be without symptoms for approximately two weeks before the measurement.
  • Changes 24.8.2020 in brief:

    • You do not need to inform Aalto access email lists about your groups' presence any more. Reservation in the ANItime is enough for this purpose. If needed, however, you should be able to point out who were present in order to track possible exposure chains afterwards.

    • Instead of 1 hour slot, it is enough to leave 30 min empty slot between successive measurements.

    • Experienced users and groups are allowed to measure outside office-hours and during weekends (contact us to verify if it is ok for your group).

ANI organized a ZOOM event (4.6.2020) where the new guidelines were introduced in detail. The slides presented in that event can be found from above. If you want to view the recorded ZOOM event, please contact ANI personnel.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Meanwhile, please follow this website for further information.

  Contact person
ANI Director Veikko Jousmäki, [email protected], 050-3442509
AMI Centre Rami Kunnas, [email protected], 050-4779125
  Toni Auranen, [email protected], 050-3442657
MEG Core Mia Illman, [email protected], 050-3442379
  Tuomas Tolvanen, [email protected], 050-5937628
ABL Veli-Matti Saarinen, [email protected], 050-4371591
Aalto TMS Mikko Nyrhinen, [email protected], 050-3719020


  • Thank you for cooperating and understanding!
  • Follow all instructions and regulations set by authorities
  • Take care of your personal hand hygiene
  • Keep a safe social distance to others
  • If sick, go home and in serious cases contact your health care provider
  • Please inform also others about the importance of these preventive measures
  • Help others who may need help

Updated information and recommendations on the coronavirus:


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