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XBRAIN – XPS digitalization and beyond

XPS spectra is being collected around the world, but we lack a large, reliable, open access and easily searchable database. As proof of concept, this project exploits 30 years of lignocellulosic XPS data from the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems and is building such a resource.
Composite image with text "XPS: XBRAIN" and four icons showing unexploited paper records, a search database, computer code and XPS spectra image

Open X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy data

With financial support from FinnCERES project funding and Aalto Networking Platform seed funding, XBRAIN – XPS digitalization and beyond aims to create a large, reliable, open access and easily searchable database of XPS spectra. It will provide a new platform for the storage, sharing and analysis of data, offering immediate impacts on XPS data treatment and long-term potential for material investigations. XBRAIN will be extensive, completely open-access, easily searchable, and will contain spectra with their fitting and measurement parameters.

The XPS technique is one of the most widespread surface characterizations in the world. It is a non-destructive technique, and considering the classical Al Kα source, it is minimally invasive compared to other techniques like transmission electron microscopy (TEM). XPS has become an indispensable technique for science and, more specifically, for the development of novel sustainable materials. The project exploits a globally-unique (but heretofore inaccessible) data set of systematic XPS measurements from the past 30 years on lignocellulosic materials/soft matter from the Department of Bioproducts and Bioengineering (BIO2) at Aalto. Partners include Aalto University and VTT (through FinnCERES) and Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre (imec) in Belgium.

Graphic showing the workflow of the XBRAIN project from input, digitalization, data backend, features, front end to researcher and experts

Research lead on the XBRAIN project

Charlotte Zborowski

FinnCERES Materials Cluster


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