Aalto Materials Platform

Flagship projects and special programs related to materials research

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There are several high-level projects in the field of materials research and teaching at the moment. Here are some examples of our research excellence:

Graphene film: research at Aalto University
Graphene research at Aalto University/Material Bank

GRAPHENE - Graphene-based revolutions in ICT and beyond

Graphene research at Aalto University


Coordinated by Chalmers University of Technology and Aalto’s responsible Prof. Harri Lipsanen. GRAPHENE is a Future & Emerging Technologies (FET) Flagship funded by the European Union. The research directions within the flagship include graphene and other 2D-material -based nanoelectronics, nanoelectromechanical systems, optoelectronics, photonics, incorporating materials synthesis, characterization, and modeling. Other members from Aalto University are Prof. Pertti Hakonen, Prof. Peter Liljeroth, and Prof. Zhipei Sun.

CERES ecosystem 1920x1080
FinnCERES ecosystem/Valeria Azovskaya

Competence Center for the Materials Bioeconomy 

About FinnCERES Flagship

FinnCERES website

FinnCERES is the joint competence center for the materials bioeconomy between Aalto University and VTT. We aim to ensure our sustainable future by developing materials and applications for the future bio-economy with a solid scientific foundation. VTT and Aalto have received Flagship funding from the Academy of Finland to boost the field of materials bioeconomy.

Materials Research at Aalto University/Mikko Raskinen
Materials Research/Mikko Raskinen

EIT Raw Materials aims to turn the challenge of raw materials dependence into a strategic strength for Europe and in this major EU program, Aalto University is a core partner with high volume in projects.

Besides the materials aspects, a further aim is to modernize education and to support entrepreneur thinking that has been implemented into two Master's program at Aalto: Sustainable Metals Processing and Advanced Materials for Innovation and Sustainability.

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