Aalto Energy Platform

Event & Service Support

Energy Platform offers financial support for multidisciplinary events organized by Aalto University members and collaborators. In addition, we offer services to help with event promotion and documentation.
EIT InnoEnergy launch
EIT InnoEnergy launch event supported by Energy Platform. Photo by Glen Forde.

What kind of help can you get? 

We can provide compensation for event catering, cover some organizational fees, and other expenses for multidisciplinary events with a focus on materials research and education. The compensation sum should be less than 1500 euros.

If you request support well in advance, we may help you with other duties to raise the profile of your event: develop the event's visual identity, provide a photographer for the event, help with the presentations, and organize networking training for the participants.

What events can we support?

The Energy Platform is interested in developing collaboration to foster multidisciplinary initiatives at Aalto University (and beyond). Our mission is to popularise Aalto University materials research to make it accessible and understood by many different audiences.

When to apply?

Complete the form to apply for the funding or service well in advance – it likely takes at least a couple of weeks for a financial support application to be accepted, and longer to complete a design project. The application form covers the typical requests we receive. But if you have something special in mind, please don’t hesitate to apply -- you may spark something new at Aalto!

What happens after you apply?

The application will be reviewed by the Energy Platform manager and, if necessary, by the board members. We'll update you as soon as possible on the decision or will come back to you for more information regarding your request.

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