Aalto Built Environment Laboratory

Aalto Built Environment Laboratory Facility - contact information

Aalto Built Envinronment Laboratory (ABE) is a new collaborative research and learning initiative of Aalto University, School of Engineering.

ABE offers a space and technology for interactive human-centred co-creation of the built environment. The aim of ABE is to investigate new digitally supported and interactive planning and design methodology. Immersive modeling and simulation technologies, process modeling and data visualisations are developed to serve decision making and present ideas, visions and plans. ABE caters to the needs of multidisciplinary teams and people with different backgrounds working towards a shared goal.


Researchers: Senior Research Fellow Aija Staffans, professor Pentti Kujala, project manager Antti Kauppi, post doc researcher Sari Tähtinen, doctoral student Markus Ahola.

Research assistants: Maria Viitanen and Petri Kangassalo.

E-mail: [email protected]

ABE Space 

ABE Space, also known as Urban Cave, is situated in Urban Mill, Betonimiehenkuja 3 E, 02150 Espoo.

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