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Social media

Want to showcase your work on social media? Find help here!

A checklist for getting started on social media:

  1. Choose your channel/account: The University and schools have several accounts (find a list below). Could you use them instead of starting a new channel/account? 
  2. Choose your audience: Who is your audience? How does your audience benefit from your social media presence?​​ 
  3. Sharpen the content: What is the main point of your content? Is this clear to your audience? Does the copy fit your content? Does it motivate your audience to read more?​​ Do you have a useful link? Is the copy text understandable for audiences that aren't acquainted with your field/topic?
  4. Invite to interact: Can you increase the likelihood that someone likes/shares/comments your post? Would you retweet yourself?​​ For more engagement, share the content on your personal accounts.
  5. Do the housekeeping: Is the picture or video fitting to the channel's requirements: size & type? Have you included the relevant hashtags and tags?​​ On Instagram, it's especially important to use appealing visuals that support your copy.
  6. Stay active after posting: Check your post! Have you responded to comments?  Repost good content several times. How could you improve next time?​

Helpful advice to stay active and engage followers and community:

  • Post regularly, but choose what "regularly" means to you. Is it once a week, once every two weeks or once a day?
  • Use stories to emphasize your content on Instagram.  Create 2-5 stories per feed post, by cutting down the copy from the feed post to easily readable stories with images that either function as a background or add value to the content and/or for the reader. Attach links or tag other accounts and use hashtags to make your story easier to share for others.
  • Use Call to Actions (CTA's)! CTA's are what elevates your content and channels. Ask your audience to comment on your post by asking questions in your copy, make polls or create questions, quizzes or barometers, have them react with certain emojis - be creative!
  • Use hashtags! Use a hashtag generator for your content if you need relevant hashtags.
  • Give credit where credit is due! Always remember to credit the creator behind the visual or text.

ARTS' social media channels (curated by ARTS' Communications Coordinator):
Instagram @aaltoarts
Facebook @AaltoUniversitySchoolOfArtsDesignAndArchitecture
Twitter @AaltoARTS

Social media channels by department:
Art Education @aaltoarted
VCD @vcd_aalto
Photography @aalto_photography
Media Lab @aaltomedialab

Design @AaltoDPTDesign
Fashion Design @aalto_fashion

Aalto University's social media channels (curated by Social Media Manager and joint social media group):


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