Department of Communications and Networking

Department of Communications and Networking

The Department of Communications and Networking (Comnet), is the largest unit in Finland in its research area.

World-class research in shaping the internet technology is conducted here. At the forefront are topics related to energy-efficient ICT.



The research focuses on the areas of information and communications theory, communications and networking technology, and communications ecosystem.

The Department of Communications and Networking is well-positioned to address the grand challenges in digitalisation, wireless internet and device usability in a comprehensive way – covering all the OSI layers from physical to applications and making impact to the society. One of the department’s special strengths is linking research with the Finnish and international business sector.

Evolving Internet

The group works on a wide range of topics related to the Internet, from mobile data communication to green ICT and cyber security.

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Information Theory

The group studies fundamental problems in discrete mathematics and information theory. The main tools are combinatorial algorithms and massive computations.

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Network Security and Trust

The group is focused on creating new networking paradigms, protocols, algorithms, systems and functions for a trustworthy Internet. The group studies both trustworthy distributed solutions and classical and Software Defined Networks. The latter includes for example 5G.

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User Interfaces

The group studies computational methods for improving user interfaces, including modeling, optimization, and machine learning methods.

User Interfaces

Communications Theory

The research group develops principles for an all-wireless future.

Department of Communications and Networking / Communications Theory

Network Architecture, Protocols, and Services

Our research is on networked systems and protocols with a focus on transport and application layer aspects. In conjunction with this, we work towards understanding user behavior (mobility, network and service interactions) and traffic patterns in the Internet through measurements and modeling and on the impact of network performance on user quality of experience.

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Network Economics

The group studies the techno-economic aspects of communication services and networks.

Network Economics

Research methodology and impact

The foundation for strategic research missions following grand research challenges that impact the society.

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Communications Engineering

The Communications Engineering research group lead by Professor Riku Jäntti focus on physical and MAC layer related research topics of wireless communications systems.

Communications Engineering

Mobile Cloud Computing

The mc² – Mobile Cloud Computing group at Aalto University, founded in 2016, conducts experimental systems research on edge computing and services for cognitive manufacturing and autonomous driving. With members from technically diverse backgrounds, the mc² group is active in multi-disciplinary research and industrial collaboration.

Mobile Cloud Computing



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Where to find us

Main parts of the department are located in Maarintie 8 and Konemiehentie 2, at Otaniemi Campus.

Maarintie 8

Formerly TUAS building. Mon-Thu 7.45-20.00, Fri 7.45-20.00.

Maarintie 8 at Aalto University campus

Computer Science building

Konemiehentie 2, T-talo (T building). Mon-Thu 7.45-20.00, Fri 7.45-18.00

CS Building (T-talo) at Aalto University Campus