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Strategy 2016–2020: Shaping the future

The Aalto University updated strategy for 2016–2020 emphasises excellence, multidisciplinarity, entrepreneurship, and societal impact.
Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto

When founded in 2010, Aalto University was given a national mission to strengthen the innovative capacity of Finland through first-class research, art and education. We are committed to building a sustainable society driven by innovation and entrepreneurship. 

We offer solutions to the most pressing societal challenges by combining cutting-edge science with design expertise and business thinking. We are building a competitive edge by combining knowledge from different disciplines and through long-term partnerships with the best universities, the industry and the business world. 

The three elements of our strategy are research and innovation, art and creative practices, and education. Our implementation of these core elements involves an uncompromising quest for quality, multidisciplinary collaboration, creation of an entrepreneurial culture, and the production of tangible added value for society.


Shaping the future: Science and art together with technology and business

We are building competitive edge by combining knowledge from different disciplines to identify and solve complex challenges, and to educate future visionaries and experts.


An innovative society

Breakthrough discoveries deeply integrated with design and business thinking enable systemic solutions and accelerate innovation.


  • Passion for exploration
  • Courage to influence and excel
  • Freedom to be creative and critical
  • Responsibility to accept, care and inspire
  • Integrity, openness and equality

Strategic objectives

  • Research and innovation: Research excellence for academic and societal impact
  • Art and creative practices: Renewing society by art, creativity and design
  • Education: Educating game changers
  • Campus: Transforming our campus into a unique collaboration hub
  • Enablers of our academic mission: Excellence in advancing and supporting our core goals

Aalto University Strategy 2016–2020:


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Aalto University strategy 2016–2020

Strategic objective: Educating game changers

Aalto University's joint strategic initiatives in the field of education for 2016-2020 are Aalto Online Learning, Learning Challenge Aalto, Programme Attractiveness and Success of Students.

Aalto Online Learning (A!OLE)

A!OLE pioneers online and blended learning experiences at Aalto University with improved learning results.

A person using VR headset

Learning Challenge Aalto

Strengthen student working life capabilities and accelerate study progress by leveraging deep industry-academia relationships in study projects and courses.

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Programme Attractiveness

The goal of the Programme Attractiveness joint strategic initiative is to enhance the attractiveness of degree programmes at Aalto University.

Programme Attractiveness_photo credits Unto Rautio

Success of Students study well-being project

The goal is to enhance the success of students by advancing study support, teaching and learning services and focusing support.

Success of Students study well-being initiative (2016-2020). Image: Arttu Haglund