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Low Temperature Laboratory

The Low Temperature Laboratory at Aalto University is one of the world centres in ultra low temperature physics and technology. The leading position is based on vigorous in-house development and construction of sub-mK refrigerators.
OtaNano - LTL cryostats

Low temperature measurements and quantum engineering

OtaNano host world-class facilities for studying physical phenomena at ultra-low temperatures and nanoelectronics.


The Low Temperature Laboratory has advanced sub-Kelvin refrigeration facilities: two sub-mK (unique rotating cryostat and world record stationary cryostat) and more than 10 dilution refrigerators aimed for different type of experiments. 

Low Temperature Laboratory Facilities

Facilities provided by the Low temperature laboratory

Low Temperature Laboratory Training

In order to get access to the LTL equipment a new user should pass safety course, basic training course and be instructed about LTL facilities.

OtaNano - LTL user training

Low Temperature Laboratory Reservations

Low Temperature Laboratory Reservations

Low Temperature Laboratory Support Services

Cryogenic Liquids and Workshop

Cryoliquid center

Dilution refrigerators and other research facilities