Low Temperature Laboratory

The Low Temperature Laboratory at Aalto University is one of the world centres in ultra-low temperature physics and technology. The leading position is based on vigorous in-house development and construction of sub-mK refrigerators.
Image: Unto Rautio

The Low Temperature Laboratory (LTL) is administered by the Department of Applied Physics. It is part of the national Otaniemi Research Infrastructure for Micro- and Nanotechnologies, OtaNano, and partner in the European Microkelvin Platform. Read more about us and find out how to contact us through the links below.


The Low Temperature Laboratory has advanced sub-Kelvin refrigeration facilities: two sub-mK (unique rotating cryostat and world record stationary cryostat) and more than 10 dilution refrigerators aimed for different type of experiments.

LTL Facilities

Sub-Kelvin refrigerators and semi-cleanroom

LTL refrigerator. Image: Roee Cohen.

LTL access

Access policy and visitors

Students at Cryocourse 2018

LTL Training

In order to get access to the LTL equipment a new user should pass safety course, basic training course and be instructed about LTL facilities.

Low Temperature Laboratory Training. Photo: Mikko Raskinen.

LTL Support Services

Contact information: cryogenic liquids and workshop

Cryogenic liquids and workshop
Image: Mikko Raskinen.


Please find the Aalto Research & Teaching Infrastructure Scheduling Tool here.


Record low temperatures

Low Temperature Laboratory has produced several world records of low temperatures in about thirty years' span and still holds the record for macroscopic condensed matter systems.

Low temperature laboratory. Image: Mikko Raskinen.

LTL Milestones

Historical highlights of LTL


LTL Spin-offs

Spin-offs from LTL

Image: Unto Rautio.

Completed PhD Theses at LTL

List of completed PhD Theses at LTL

Doctoral hats in Aalto University Conferment

Annual Reports (external link)

Annual reports of Low Temperature Laboratory

Annual reports

The success story of Finnish low-temperature physics can be uncovered at Aalto University Archives

The Low Temperature Laboratory (LTL) of Aalto University is a significant success story of Finnish science. The laboratory was founded by the Finnish physicist Olli V. Lounasmaa (1930-2002). The Archives of Aalto University hold archival collections from first few decades of the LTL’s operation, as well as the personal archive of Lounasmaa.

Olli Lounasmaa Kylmälaboratorion aivokuvantamislaitteessa.

Where to find us

Nanotalo building

Puumiehenkuja 2

Nanotalo. Puumiehenkuja 2. Kuva / Image: Aalto-yliopisto / Mikko Raskinen / Aalto University
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