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A Grid

A Grid has one of the largest concentrations of startups in Europe, and is part of the Aalto University ecosystem, along with Design Factory and Startup Sauna, among others.
A Grid

Exceptions in opening hours

  • 24.–26.18. Closed
  • 27.–28.12.18  8–15.30
  • 31.12.18 New Year's Eve 8–15.30
  • 1.1.19 New Yea's Day Closed
  • 2.–4.1.19  8–15.30

About the building

A Grid offers startup companies a direct path to Aalto University and Otaniemi networks, services, research infrastructure and expertise. Open events and workshops are organised in A Grid according to business interests. Students can find jobs at startups, and the companies can take part in research and teaching projects. Along with Aalto Start-Up Center, A Grid also houses the European Space Agency and several companies, like Fortum.

Open according to services, to members 24/7.

In the building:

To the A Grid website