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Surfacing and working with chemicals

The Surfacing and Chemicals Workshop has the facilities and equipment required for work involving a range of chemicals, such as performing mold making and castings in various polymers such as silicones and resintypes as well as patination of metal alloys.
Arts_Infra - Surfacing workshop by Jaakko Kahilaniemi

The Surfacing and Chemicals Workshop has the facilities and equipment required for work involving chemicals, such as performing resin or silicon casting. The room has enhanced ventilation and three fume cupboards. The facility is intended for the needs of teaching, research and artistic activities. It is typically used for purposes such as sculpting, design of objects or experiments with material and colour. Glueing and lamination tasks that require stoving for the glue to harden are also carried out in the facility.

Main working methods:

  • silicone casting
  • polyurethane casting
  • glueing and lamination
  • electroplating

Main equipment:

  • dispensing unit with scales
  • vacuum casting machine / vacuum chamber
  • fan oven, max 300°C
  • fan oven for hardening glues and paints, max 140°C

Used materials:

Chemicals that require a special work area can be used in the chemicals workshop. Users acquire the materials they need in their work themselves and the workshop master approves them for use. A safety data sheet and the user’s contact details must be provided for the chemicals used or the chemicals left for storage.

Work permits and orientation:

The workshop masters organise an orientation at the beginning of the term or courses and grant a work permit after the orientation has been completed. The Chemicals Workshop is open from 9.00 to 16.00 from Monday to Friday. At other times, access is possible only with the HSL card.

Location:  Otaniementie 14, Väre building, floor G, room H002.

Service times:  Mon 13.00-16.00, Tue-Wed 9.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00


You can send feedback on the activities of the workshop or your proposal for developing the workshop to: [email protected]. Write “Feedback on Surfacing and working with chemicals” in the subject field of the message.

For contact information and to reserve space in the workshop, please log into the Aalto website.

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