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Different kinds of sewing work can be completed in the Sewing Workshop. The variety of machines and equipment in the workshop provide good opportunities to work with different kinds of materials.
sewing workshop

The Sewing Workshop is a learning environment where various types of sewing work connected with studies can be realised, such as prototypes, clothing, and interior decorating textiles. It is also possible to design and develop various seam- and surface-based structures.  The Sewing Workshop functions in close co-operation with the Pattern-making Workshop.

The workshop is equipped with the most common machines and equipment used in the clothing industry, as well as a large cutting table for cutting and assembling products.

The main users of the Sewing Workshop are those doing their basic degree studies in fashion as well as Master’s programme students, but other ARTS students can also work within the facilities with personal work authorisations.  The workshop offers technical assistance to all who work therein. Help can also be obtained when needed in material orders from the workshop master.

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