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Metal Workshop

The Metal Workshop is a research and learning environment and provides expert functions in the fields of working with metal materials and joining technologies. The most pivotal operational areas are furniture and object design as well as artistic activities. The workshop offers students, researchers and teachers facilities, equipment and staff for the realisation of prototypes, artistic functions and small series production.
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Facilities, equipment, tools and materials

The Metal Workshop features a data centre, welding area and grinding room. There is a paint shop for surface treatment which can be used for brush and spray painting. There is a drying oven for the hardening of paints and adhesives in the Paint Shop.

In the machine room (L001), it is possible to perform workshop-related tasks connected with the machining and forming of metal materials. It also functions as an assembly area.

The most important machining methods:

  • milling, manual tool milling machine and triple-axle NC processing centre.
  • turning, manual tool lathe and NC tool lathe
  • drilling, pillar drill
  • sawing, bandsaw

The most important plate processing methods            

  • sheet cutter
  • universal angle cutter
  • radial cutter
  • bending, binder
  • rounding, bending roller
  • rotary machine
  • pressing                     

Most important pipework and profile bendings:

  • pipe bending, pipe-bending machine
  • bending of bars and slabs, formwork machine

In the welding area (L004), the most common welding methods in industry are in use. The welding area is a hot work facility.

  • MIG and TIG welding for structural and stainless steel as well as aluminium
  • spot welding
  • induction heating
  • gas welding and soldering
  • flame cutting
  • thermal processing of various materials
  • surface treatment of various materials by heating and flame treatment

In the grindery (L005), grinding and polishing work on metals are performed. In addition, it can also be used as an assembly area. The most pivotal equipment is:

  • vertical band grinder
  • horizontal band grinder
  • bench grinder
  • manual grinders
  • polishing machine

Work authorisations and orientation training

The workshop masters arrange orientation training at the beginning of the academic term or courses, and issue work authorisations. Working in the data centre is permitted during service times and requires work authorisation.

Location:  Otaniementie 14, Väre G-Floor, Rooms L001, L004 and L005.

Workshop is open

Mon 13:15–17:00
Tue-Fri 9:15–12:00 and 13:15–17:00

For contact information and reserving space in the workshop, please log into the Aalto website.

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