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Biofilia is a biological art unit which provides a platform for trans-disciplinary research and education. It provides artists, researchers, students and scholars with the ability to engage with the life sciences and their applications within an artistic and cultural context, thus making creative and critical links between biosciences, engineering and the arts.,


At Biofilia, previous projects and courses have been carried out in collaboration with many players in biological arts and various specialised programmes at Aalto such as Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art (ViCCA) as well as the Master's Degree Programme in Industrial and Strategic Design. Furthermore, the programmes have organised lectures and laboratory sessions in collaboration with Biofilia for their students. 

The services at Biofilia are open to all Aalto students, faculty and staff for free of charge, provided that they have completed the introduction course (TAI-E3122  Biofilia ABC). The laboratory manager is available to assist in designing experiments and assessing feasibility of your projects. At Biofilia lab, there are limitless possiblities to make your artwork unique by utilising techniques such as making life glow, visualizing DNA, and filming of living cells. The lab provides a wide range of modern cellular and molecular biology equipment: pipettes, fridges and freezers, centrifuge, water bath, scales, PCR and gel electrophoresis, sterile cabinets for bacterial or mammalian cells, microscope and much more.

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