World in Transition (WiT) Minor

WiT Minor (20-25 credits) is an Aalto University-wide interdisciplinary elective ensemble focusing on global sustainability & humanitarian development, open for all Aalto master level students. It collects courses from Aalto Schools of ARTS, ENG and BIZ, dealing with the thematic area.

Bachelor’s degree is a mandatory prerequisite, since challenging fieldwork requires expertise in one’s own field.

The minor includes theoretical background studies in state of the world and development as well as interdisciplinary co-learning studio courses with field trips to partnering southern countries, preparing the students for real life challenges in vulnerable communities.

The minor uses Problem Based Learning (PBL) methodologies with links to industry and civil society.

WiT Minor is co-hosted by Aalto University’s Department of Architecture (ARTS) and Department of Built Environment (ENG).
Students in Cambodia
Image: Helena Sandman
World in Transition WiT


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