Ali Haji Khamis

Architect, Researcher
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Ali is from the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania and has previously worked at the Zanzibar Department of Urban and Rural Planning. He is currently doing the PhD program in Design and Architecture at Aalto University, as a part of the WiTLAB research team.

Ali's upcoming thesis "The role of planning in conserving urban cultural heritage in rapid urbanisation: A case study of Zanzibar City" examines Zanzibar City, renowned for its unique cultural heritage and historical significance. The rapid urbanization and population growth in the city have posed a significant threat to the preservation of its urban heritage. The objective of Ali's study is to identify the ways in which effective urban planning can contribute to cultural inclusivity and growth. Furthermore, he explores how the knowledge and proposed planning frameworks presented in this study can help increase awareness and improve planning policies and practices.

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