Visiting Aalto University

Thematic guided tours

Interested to see prototyping and research in action or learn about entrepreneurial ecosystem, or the history and present of student life and culture? Some of Aalto University facilities offer scheduled guided tours or tours on request. Depending on the lengh of you visit, consider combining thematic guided tour or visit with a guided campus tour.

The ‘hugging station’ was the source of many selfies, a group photo with the tour guide was also enjoyed.

Aalto Design Factory tour participant
PdP gala


For those interested in interdisciplinary product design, unique collaborative atmosphere, and hands-on facilities.

Where: Viima building, Puumiehenkuja 5A, Espoo

Visits: Design Factory welcomes different visitors and visitor groups by offering 45 - 60 min tours of the facilities. During the tour, visitors meet students and staff and can also observe facinating "Mycelium of the future" artwork that moves through the building. The tour can be requested via e-mail to the contact person. 

Contact: Klaus Castrén, Head of Community, [email protected], +358 50 410 3664  

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Entrance to Startup Sauna


For those interested in vibrant student-led entrepreneurship societies, accelerators and events, and cool looking co-working spaces.

Where: Viima building, Puumiehenkuja 5A, Espoo

Visits: Startup Sauna welcomes different visitors by offering 30 - 45 min info session and tour of the facilities. During the tour you will learn about student-run entities that drive entrepreneurship and explore the facilities. Book a tour by sending an e-mail to Startup Sauna's Community Director.  

Contact: Henrik Asklöf, Community Director (2024), [email protected]

More about Startup Sauna


Aalto Ventures Program

For those interested in how Aalto University fosters entrepreneurial mindset and skills through multidisciplinary courses, online learning and events. 

Where: Viima building, Puumiehenkuja 5A, Espoo

Visits: During the visit you will learn an interesting story about how Aalto Ventures Program (AVP) was founded and how it helps Aalto community in creating a sustainable future through entrepreneurship by solving problems related to SDGs. The intro to AVP is usually combined with the visit to Startup Sauna and/or Design Factory that are located in the same building. To organize a visit that includes 15 min - 20 mins intro to AVP, contact Executive Director of AVP. Visit requests are assessed based on the background information and objective of the visit provided in the request e-mail.  

Contact: My Nguyen, Global Partnerships Coordinator, [email protected] 

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Aalto Startup Center

Startup Center

For those interested in the university-led accelerator, offering its own incubator and accelerator services, with the focus on sustainable research-based and innovative deep-tech startups.

Where: Otakaari 5, Espoo

Visits: Startup Center welcomes delegations, embassy representatives, current and potential partners, startup ecosystem builders by offering a 30 - 45 min presentation about the facilities and center's services. Hint: this presentation can be combined with the A Grid tour (described below). 

Contact: request a visit by completing this e-form. Visit related questions can also be addressed to [email protected], +358 50 447 3312

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People sitting at A Grid

A Grid

For those interested in an innovative startup hub that combines established companies, startups, business services and university-led services and infrastructure.   

Where: Otakaari 5, Espoo

Visits: A Grid welcomes different visitors and potential office tentants by offering 30 - 45 min tour of the facilities that includes introductions of some companies and success stories. It is also possible to do a presentation about the facilities and services instead of the tour - but be sure to specity what you are hoping for so that we can ensure the best experience for your visit. 

Contact: request a tour of the facilities by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

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Museum of student life

Museum of Student Life

For those interested in the history and present of the student cultures of Aalto University Student Union and its predecessors.

Where: Jämeräntaival 3 A, Espoo 

Visits: The museum is open on even-numbered weeks on Mondays from 6pm to 8pm and Sundays from 2pm to 4pm. During those times addmission is free of charge and you can stop by without any registration. In addition to the regular opening hours, the volunteer guides of the Museum of Student Life arrange museum tours by appointment and the museum can also be booked for events. Please note that the facilities are not accessible.

Contact: To book a tour outside of Museum open hours, please complete the e-form on this page. You may also contact the Museum staff at [email protected] 

More about Museum of Student Life

A person standing in Acoustic lab

Electrical Engineering laboratories

For those interested in experiencing Aalto University's infrastructures and learning more about School of Electrical Engineering. 

Where: Otakaari 5 A, Espoo (Acoustics Lab) and Maarintie 8, Espoo (Robotics Lab and Electronics-ICT Lab) 

Visits: Every autumn and spring Robotics Lab, Acoustics Lab and Electronics-ICT laboratory organize visit days, which are held on Fridays once a month. During those visit days it is possible to take part in the public tours of the laboratories and observe the demonstrations of various research conducted at the labs. The tour of each laboratory lasts from 45 to 60 minutes. The tours are given in English by members of the laboratories.

Contact: Groups and individuals can book a visit to their desired laboratory through the e-form of that specific laboratory via this page. School groups could also book a visit that includes a general presentation on electrical engineering studies by contacting Charlotta Tuovinen via email at [email protected] 

More about Robotics Lab, Acoustics Lab

Space 21 logo taped on the glass door with the place itself visible through it.

Space 21

For those interested in how Aalto University fosters and supports creativy amongst students and staff. 

Where: Vuorimiehentie 2 A, Espoo

Visits: About 30 min tour around the premises gives visitors a glimps into the facilities and operations of Studio 21. Visit requests are assessed based on the background information and objective of the visit provided in the request e-mail. To request a tour of the facilities, please contact Space 21 coordinator.     

Contact: Space 21 coordinator, Jason Selvarajan [email protected]

More about Space 21

Kids using magnifying glass

Aalto University Junior

For those interested in how Aalto University inspires children and young people to enter the fields of art, science, technology and business. 

Where: Kemistintie 1B, Espoo

Visits: Core Aalto University Junior activies are targeted at children, young people and teachers. However, in some occassions it is possible to accomodate short visit requests (30 - 60 mins) for delegations that are interested to learn about Aalto University Junior activities from good practices perspective. Visit requests are assessed based on the background information and objective of the visit provided in the request e-mail. 

Contact: Visits coordinator, Pilvi Saaristo, [email protected]    

More about Aalto University Junior 

Metsähovi Radio Observatory (Kirkkonummi)

Metsähovi Radio Observatory

For those interested in the operations and research of the observatory, the only astronomical radio observatory in Finland.

Where: Metsähovintie 114, Kylmälä (35km away from Otaniemi campus) 

Visits: For groups interested in the operation of the Observatory, science and technology, demonstration tours can be organised, including a presentation on the Observatory's activities and research, as well as a tour of the Observatory and its facilities. The visit takes about 2 hours. Typically these visits are organized for groups.  

Contact: If you are interested in arranging a visit, please send a visit request via [email protected]

More about Metsähovi Radio Observatory

Are you aware of other facilities on campus that offer guided thematic tours/visits? Please let us know by sending an e-mail. 

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