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Campus tours for prospective students, their families and study counsellors

Interested in our campus, study options and student experience?

Our campus tours that are designed specifically for the prospective students, their families and study counsellors, will help you to get a feel of what it is like to study at Aalto University. You will also discover useful information about study programmes and application process. We offer different types of tours for prospective students depending on the size of the group and institution's location: tours for an individual international or local student and their families (group up to 5 people) and tours for larger groups of students and their study counsellors from Finnish high schools or other educational institutions. All our campus tours for prospective applicants are free of charge. When registering for the tour, you can specify your preferred study field. Please register for the campus tour at least 3 weeks before the requested tour date.
Campus tour
Students on a campus tour

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Campus tours for an individual student and their families (small group up to 5 people).

Description of the tour

Explore our campus and learn about study programmes and student life from one of our student ambassadors (Aalto Squad student ambassadors). If you have interest in a specific field, we will try to match you with a student who can tell you more about studying in your field of interest. The tour can be booked for a specific date and time by filling out a registration form. 


1,5 - 2 hours


This tour is conducted primarily in English. 


Campus tours for Finnish high school student groups and their study councellors.

Description of the tour

An Aalto University student ambassador will take your group on a laid-back tour of Aalto University campus. The tour may include an information session on Aalto's bachelor's programmes, student life and application procedures. You can book the tour and info for a specific date and time by filling out the registration form. Even though these tours are primarily targeted at those interested in bachelor's programmes, feel free to use the same booking form if the group is interested in Aalto's master's programmes.   

Depending on the timing and duration of the visit, the visit programme can also include interesting experiments at Aalto University Junior facilities (45min - 1hr). Study counsellors can book those workshops separately via this page.  


1 - 2 hours (campus tour with or without an info session)


This tour is conducted in Finnish and/or Swedish.


“Aalto University is so highly ranked. It motivates me to host campus tours – I am so proud to study here.”

Aalto Squad member, campus tour host

Interested in studying at Aalto University?

If you are interested in studying at Aalto University, you may find the following information useful.

    Screen shot of virtual campus experience

    Explore Aalto University’s campus from anywhere in the world! Our digital guides, Aalto University students and an assistant professor, introduce you to our learning facilities, laboratories, workshops, service spots and outdoor spaces. The tour can be experienced on desktop, mobile or VR headset. Even if you can visit our campus in person, this virtual campus tour gives you an access to places that are not always open to the public (e.g. workshops and laboratories).  

    ->Start exploring our campus virtually

    4 student ambassafors taking a selfie

    Are you wondering what it is like to study at Aalto University? Or what student life is like at Aalto’s vibrant Otaniemi Campus or at the Mikkeli Unit? Our Aalto Squad student ambassadors are ready to chat with you about all things Aalto! Squad members are current students who want to help prospective students by sharing their experiences as students at Aalto University.

    ->Start a chat with Aalto University students

    Lapset tutkivat yhdessä dekanterilasin sisältöä

    Finnish primary and secondary school groups are welcome to book a study visit to Aalto University Junior. On the Otaniemi campus, you will be received by two learning environments: Junior Lab and Junior Hub. In the right laboratory and work space, inspiration awakens to learning and at the same time you get to know the university world. In the themes of the study visits, science and art meet technology and economics.

    ->Book a study visit at Aalto University Junior

    Opiskelijanaisia jäätelöllä Korkeakoulunaukiolla. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Petri Anttila

    Aalto University Summer School offers multidisciplinary academic courses and programs for the summer teaching period. We want our students to experience the best of Finnish summer and gain international networks while studying disruptive course topics through future-led teaching and challenge-based learning.

    ->Learn more about Aalto University Summer School

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