Under Pressure, spring 2021 (online)

During the course the students studied their environment through an artistic and experimental approach. Students were encouraged to put this approach into perspective of their own fields of studies and practices. The emphasis of the course was on the mechanism of pressure systems in our urban environment and on the concrete and circumstantial influence they have on our actions.
Water tower collage, Under Pressure, 2021, UWAS.
Collage of Water towers, Under Pressure, June 2021.

The course is practice based. It is important that the students were present and that we could do things together. In that way we can learn from each other.

During the course we visualized in different ways pressure systems around us. For example we used experimental drawing (no previous knowledge was needed) to register pressure. We built experimental pneumatic pressure system models in a workshop, we visited online the studio of a painter who is using pressure as his theme and looked into how experimental filmmaker work with the theme of pressure. We also listened to an expert on environmental water law on the theme of global water circulation in connection to legal issues of water distribution and the pressure on society in this field.

We collected some of our experimental material produced during the course and made this online exhibition.

Enter to the Under Pressure online exhibition here:


Guests teachers: Petri Eskelinen (sculptor), Viljami Heinonen (painter), Antti Belinskij (professor on environmental water law). Main course teacher: Denise Ziegler.

Participants of the Under Pressure exhibition:
Aaro Hameri, Janne S. Holtta, Kim Jokinen, Fanni Kangasniemi, Panu Kannisto, Aarni Kapanen, Päivi Keskipomppu, Petteri Konti, Tomas Kurenniemi, Jean Alexander Munk, Ohto Mäkinen, Marcus Olsio, Pieta Oras.

About UWAS

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Under Pressure is a UWAS course, which was held on Period V during the 2020–2021 academic year.

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