Picture me posthuman, fall 2021 (online)

Picture Me Posthuman is an online art exhibition of AI art made during an interdisciplinary course Art and Artificial Intelligence in Fall 2021.
Picture me posthuman, 2021.

The exhibition explores co-creativity and co-existence of humans and machines, and asks what will our posthuman future be like? Art and Artificial Intelligence –course discussed the ethical, and social dimensions of artificial intelligence in relation to art, aesthetics, and perception.

Enter to the Picture Me Posthuman online exhibition here:


Al Izzawi Aws, Daniel Boldt,  Riikka Eskola, Michal Gajdoš, Celia Garion, Amna Gul, Francesco Hachen, Patrick Hutchinson, Victor Nazianzeno-Le Jamtel, Olli Kesseli, Ariana Sabino Nogueira Da Cunha Marta, Bartlomiej Rey, Andra Sarenius, Oriol Vall Serras, Nancy Sihmar, Viktor Teodosin, Vilma Tiainen, Phuong Anh Tran, Aaron Wallasvaara, Mirjami Wallin, Yujie Zhou

Jaana Okulov & Yu Tian

About UWAS

University Wide Art Studies (UWAS) offers every Aalto student an access to art-based thinking, creative practices, and culture. UWAS opens a possibility to include art and design studies to one’s curriculum and broaden one’s knowledge and skills beyond disciplinary boundaries. This ensures that Aalto University educates multidisciplinary graduates informed in and knowledgeable of how art and creative practices shape and define the world around us. There are no prerequisites for UWAS courses, so students from all Aalto schools are welcome to participate.

Art and Artificial Intelligence is a UWAS course, which was held on Period II during the 2021–2022 academic year.

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