How Did We Get Into This Mess, fall 2021 (online)

The course goes through the greatest utopias of modern technological, societal, cultural and economical planning to gain familiarity with cosmic scale stupidities and the possible strategies available for human civilisations to keep on going.
Image of a moving sky and clouds on top of a glass ceiling.
Psychology of Entertainment, Ema Ursic, 2021.

Using socio-ecological theory and case studies, as well as material and energy flow analysis, we will study the energy and resource base of our societal systems, and discuss the main approaches to the current ecological crisis. We will consider how these different traditions have been constructed and their views of humanity, nature, and materiality.

When we ask, what is energy production for, the answer is —mainly for fulfilling social and cultural ideals. So to question and redirect these, it turns out arts, design and architecture are suddenly the key actors. Which skills should creative professionals learn to contribute and not drop out when many industries and sectors are reshaped or even vanishing? We will look close at plausible plans for reaching sustainability/resilience, socially, culturally and economically in a large scale.

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Antti Majava


Dulce Canha, Ema Ursic, Hilla Ruuska, Jassir Kuronen, Johan-Sebastian Rintala, Juho Antikainen, Labiba Abdul, Leire de Meer, Oana Iliescu, Tytti Toimi

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How Did We Get Into This Mess: Exploring the Past in History, Science and Artis a UWAS course, which was held on Period I during the 2021–2022 academic year.

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