Decolonize your studies, fall 2021 (online)

Decolonize your studies is an introduction to decolonial thinking and practice where students will develop a critical lens to look at norms and power structures within their own disciplines.
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Together with visiting lecturers, textual and audiovisual sources we looked at local and global power structures and examined how they have influenced our ways of thinking and knowing in “Western” academia. We searched for tools to look at objectivity, methods, narratives and the production of knowledge in order to unlearn and create a more just academia.

Throughout the course, students worked individually as well as in peer groups of 3–4 to think together, support each other and compile zines as creative means of communicating the topic of their choice relating to ideas on decolonization to wider audiences. The final zine spreads of each group are presented here.

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Kiia Beilinson and Miia Laine


Helmi Donner, Mayuko Inui, Uttishta Varanasi, Magdaleena Jakkila, Riikka Hongisto, Theo Borzecka, Bernette Beckeringh, Anna Lioliou, Linnea Lindgren, Iida-Maija Sorola, Meme Korhonen, Aliisa Perikangas, Laura Hasanen, Alexandra Dünner, Iiris Kamari, Arunima Jain, Mimi Mokka, Lauri Kortelainen

About UWAS

University Wide Art Studies (UWAS) offers every Aalto student an access to art-based thinking, creative practices, and culture. UWAS opens a possibility to include art and design studies to one’s curriculum and broaden one’s knowledge and skills beyond disciplinary boundaries. This ensures that Aalto University educates multidisciplinary graduates informed in and knowledgeable of how art and creative practices shape and define the world around us. There are no prerequisites for UWAS courses, so students from all Aalto schools are welcome to participate.

Decolonize your studiesis a UWAS course, which was held on Period I during the 2021–2022 academic year.

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