Av Club: Thinking and Doing Moving Images – WILD EaRNESt, spring 2021 (online)

Today moving images with sounds are used widely in different formats and platforms: YouTube-videos, Instagram Stories, online meetings, commercials, TV, films, video art, installations, scientific visualizations… You name it! The AV Club is an excursion to the realm of moving images. During the spring of 2021 the club has been looking and discussing different kinds of works from different contexts. We try to see the culture of moving images as one phenomenon: that the YouTube-videos are basically the same as Hollywood films or video art: only difference is the conventions and hierarchies inside the man made categories.
Fu Fanqi, Simulacra, Av-Club, Thinking and Doing Moving Images, UWAS, May 2021, photo by Fu Fanqi.jpg
Still from Fu Fanqi's video Simulacra, May 2021. Photo by Fu Fanqi.

This year we took a closer look at theory and the history of online and social media videos with visiting lecturer Helena Aleksandrova. The visiting lecturer Marloes Van Son introduced us to sounds as part of the audiovisual experience. The lecture of Rozan Van Klaveren introduced us to the concept of our innerwilds and the use of 360 camera technology. From these elements and from following the earnest work of the students the title of this exhibition emerged: WILD EaRNESt.

This year the student’s works range from essay documentaries, to short fictions, to CGI animations, and to experimentations on the online format. One work even tries to cause you bodily experiences. Some works are the first steps on making moving images, while others are works by students who have had previous experience. Nevertheless, as a teacher it has been very pleasing to follow the development of each student.

I hope you enjoy these works as much as I have enjoyed teaching this course!  I want to thank all the students for their excellent work.

–Lauri Linna

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Ville Alasalmi, Moritz Dürauer, Amandine Fong, Fanqi Fu, Ayan Hasanvandi, Mika Kiviniemi, Kadri-Ann Kivisild, Leevi Kähkönen, Sofia Lane, Anh Ngo, Sofia Secchi.


Lauri Linna

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Av-Club: Thinking and Doing Moving Images is a UWAS course, which was held on Period IV–V during the 2020–2021 academic year.

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