Art and Artificial Intelligence – Virtually Unknown, fall 2020 (online)

Art and Artificial Intelligence –course discussed the ethical, aesthetic and social dimensions of artificial intelligence and machine learning in relation to art.

ARTXAI web exhibition
Virtually Unknown, online exhibition, 2020.

Virtually Unknown is an online art exhibition of AI art made during an interdisciplinary course Art and Artificial Intelligence in the Fall 2020. The exhibition explores the role of an artist in computer-generated art and the possibilities of art created in collaboration with machines.

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Kyösti Alkio, Georgy Ananov, Kiko Chen, Kai Hanninen, Janis Heldmann, Eetu Kari, Boeun Kim, Nghiem Le Long, Jonatan Lygdman, Michael McCrea, Emilia Mäenmaa, Jose Luis Martín Navarro, Phuong Ha Thu Nguyen, Tomi Panula, George Seppala, Alarik Sutter, Pekko Vesantola, Tatu Viitanen, Sheung Yi.

Jaana Okulov

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Art and Artificial Intelligence is a UWAS course, which was held on Period II during the 2020–2021 academic year.

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