University Pathway Finland

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Find the most comprehensive information about the University Pathway Finland programme from the newly updated brochure.

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Your route to a world-class education

The University Pathway Finland (Science & Technology) gives international students an excellent opportunity to prepare for degree studies in Finland while studying from home. By successfully completing the University Pathway Finland programme, students have the chance to study at one of the selected degree programmes at Aalto University or Tampere University, Finland's two largest universities in the area of technology.

University Pathway Finland (Science & Technology)
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Basic Information

  • Application period: 23.05.2022–16.06.2022

  • Teaching period: 29.8.2022–23.04.2023

  • Study method: online, part-time

  • Credits: 20 ECTS

  • Tuition fee: 4,960 EUR (incl. VAT)

Build your future in Finland

Finland is renowned for its excellent education, safe and well-working society and clean nature. Finland is among the most gender-equal societies in the world and offers equal opportunities for everyone.

Boasting the largest technology hub of the Nordic countries, Finland is a world leader in information technology, business, design and many other academically centred fields. We are known for world-class engineering, disruptive technology, architecture and design. Finland offers inspiring and diverse career opportunities for international talent in both Helsinki metropolitan area and the city of Tampere.

Experience our unique nature and the four seasons

Nature plays an essential role in the daily lives and identity of Finns. Characteristic of Finland and its nature are the four seasons – warm and bright summer nights contrasting with the peaceful darkness of winter months. And – if you’re lucky – the magic of the northern lights!

We welcome students from every aspect of the world. Start building your future in Finland!

Learn more about life and studies in Finland

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Get to know Finland and Aalto

Finland’s excellent reputation in education, combined with a wide range of courses offered in English, makes Finland and Aalto University an attractive study destination for international students.

Study at Aalto

Why Finland and Tampere University? (external link)

Finland is one of the most exotic experiences to discover: a land of contrasts, where the untouched and mystical nature meets modern thinking and technological innovations.

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What studying at Aalto really looks like

Read and watch real stories from Aalto students and alumni on student life at Aalto, social impact, interesting projects and unique career paths.

Study at Aalto
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thisisFINLAND (external link)

thisisFINLAND - things you should and shouldn't know

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Focus on wellbeing and high-quality learning environments

Our universities have modern learning environments and facilities with high-quality classrooms, virtual learning environments and free libraries. Student unions and associations look after students’ interests and organise free-time activities like sports and cultural events. Student health services are provided at a very low cost, and there are many wellbeing services available without charge. 

Our students from all around the world value the high quality of life, the stable yet dynamic economy, the good living accommodations and the safe, laidback atmosphere.  

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Our online learning environments are designed to support an interactive learning experience. The courses are delivered with the same enthusiasm and rigour as our on-campus courses, with a strong focus on challenge-based learning and facilitated teamwork.  

Apart from self-study assignments and online classes, our teachers, teaching assistants and study tutors are there to support you in succeeding in your studies. You will have the opportunity to attend study clinics, chats, discussion groups and other online events where you meet and interact with other international pathway students and our Finnish study tutors.  

Our support staff is just an email message away – get in touch by sending an email to [email protected]!

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