The Long Read by Aalto ARTS

The Long Read by Aalto ARTS

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We believe that creativity is the single-most important skill to master in the future. In our blog Creativity Unfolded we nurture problem-solving, critical thinking and the ability to imagine the yet unimaginable.
Jenni Reuter_photo: Veera Konsti

Architecture Activism (external link)

Architecture is service stemming from understanding people and their surroundings.

Pack-Age Design -kurssin satoa

Purposeful packaging (external link)

A holistic take on package design can accelerate the circular economy.

Mies kuvaa elokuvakameralla talvella ulkona, lämmin talvihattu päässään ihmisten seassa. Hänestä näkyy lähikuvassa vain profiili.

There is no one perfect shot (external link)

Cinematography is a complex yet beautiful cinematic skill.

Annamari Vänskä. Photo: Merja Yeung

Fashion is thinking (external link)

Fashion has value, fast fashion doesn’t.

Shooting ‘Experience Manifesto’ video for Experience Platform webpage.

The Experience Age is here (external link)

Our experiences are a source of wellbeing.

Anniina Suominen, an Associate Professor of Art Pedagogy at Aalto University’s School of Arts, Design and Architecture. She is standing in front of the camera, smiling, arms crossed. In the background there is a stack of logs.

Want to change the world? Call in the art educators! (external link)

Art educators help people become critical thinkers.

Creativity Unfolded

Aalto University’s blog series Creativity Unfolded focuses on insights linked to creativity in a multitude of ways. Topics include design, technology, media, architecture, film, games, art theory and more. Read and join the conversation.

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Furthering the reach of our academic community's own voice, site hosts the blogs written by members of Aalto University: faculty, staff and students.

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