Teaching Lab


We boost future-proof education and future-led learning. In particular, we want to help and inspire educators at Aalto in developing their teaching and learning experiences to meet the requirements of modern work-life.
Teaching Lab / Time & Space


We aim to test new ideas, methods, and tools in the process of designing work-life oriented education.

  • Pilot funding for work-life relevant education (up to 10,000 €)
  • Teaching Lab Events
  • Design Kit | Toolkit for designing better teaching and learning
  • Personal coaching for challenge-based learning in courses and programs

Do you have an idea to experiment together? Please contact us!

Teaching Lab/ Impact & Meaning


We gather inspiring ideas, news, resources, good practices, and other information related to designing future-proof and work-life relevant teaching and learning.

Would you like to share your knowledge, experiences, or practices through our channels? Please throw us an email!

Teaching Lab / People & Community


We encourage interaction with organizations outside of Aalto University. Designing teaching into an experience through partnerships adds value to all participants: students, the whole Aalto community, and external partners.

  • Aalto Thesis | Multidisciplinary thesis project for a partner organization
  • Digital Business Master Class
  • Personal coaching for integrating partnerships and connections with industry, community and other stakeholders to teaching

Please, don't hesitate to contact us if you need some inspiration or assistance with work-life collaboration in teaching!

We are here to help.

Laura Sivula

Laura Sivula

School Services, BIZ
Silva Saulio

Silva Saulio

Project coordinator
School Services, BIZ
Teaching Lab
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