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Pilot Funding for work-life relevant education

Teaching Lab supports courses and programs that aim to enhance students' work-life competences and connections up to 10,000 € funding. Here we present some of the successful pilot courses that were previously funded.
Bubbling Teaching Lab Team
The Teaching Lab Team: We are here to help. / photo: Jere Savolainen, Aalto University

Next Practices pilot funding

We call for pilot proposals from all Aalto people (faculty, program directors, researchers, staff, students) on integrating work life skills and/or industry collaborations into teaching and learning.Teaching Lab provides support on design, technology and pedagogy and opportunities for co-creation. Check out our Good Practices site for tools, methods and resources for work-life relevant education!

Teaching Lab/ Impact & Meaning

Teaching Lab team evaluates applications for Next Practices pilot funding based on a proper project plan and the following criteria:

  • How will this pilot enhance the integration of work life skills and/or company collaboration into teaching and learning at Aalto University?
  • How are you planning to evaluate impact?
  • Are there collaborating partners outside of Aalto University?


Pilots funded by Teaching Lab

The list is continuously completed with new pilots.

Students watching posters about machine learning.

Machine Learning for Mobile and Pervasive Systems P

ELEC/COMNET Master's course taught by Stephan Sigg.

Teaching Lab
Doctoral students discussing their research with master’s students.

Design in Policy and Governance

ARTS Master's and PhD course taught by Ramia Mazé.

Teaching Lab
SGT studio course logo banner photo: Raffaella Carluccio

SGT Studio

Aalto level Master's course taught by Matleena Muhonen.

Teaching Lab
Digitalism Challenge participants and coaches working around a table.

DigitalISM Challenge

Aalto level Master's course taught by Johanna Bragge.

Teaching Lab
Student working with MRI pictures by a computer.

Instrumentation of MRI

ELEC/EEA Master's course taught by Lauri Palva.

Teaching Lab
Screen shot from street drainage design with Novapoint-software.

Geometric Design of Roads

ENG/GEO Master's course taught by Henry Gustavsson.

Teaching Lab
Student browsing a smartphone.

Put Your Head on a Blockchain

Aalto level Master's course taught by Liisa Välikangas.

Teaching Lab

Advanced Energy Project

ENG/AAE Master's level course taught by Sam Cross.

Teaching Lab
Creative Sustainability student group presenting their solution in front of a class.

Creative Sustainability Capstone

CS Master's level course taught by Armi Temmes.

Teaching Lab
NoVA students in a classroom.

Art, Education and Entrepreneurship

Aalto level BA/MA level course taught by Jaana Brinck.

Teaching Lab

Teamwork First-Aid Kit

Teamwork First-Aid Kit gathers tools that have proved to be useful in supporting diverse teams tackling ill-defined problems and building foundational elements for the successful teamwork. It is a small step toward educating game-changers who can make a team more than a sum of its parts. Undeniably, teamwork skills are among the most pivotal work-life skills that younger generation entering the workforce are expected to master.


We are here to help.

Laura Sivula

Laura Sivula

School Services, BIZ
Silva Saulio

Silva Saulio

Project coordinator
School Services, BIZ

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