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Aalto University / Abdalla Taha

Hi, I'm Abdalla Taha. I started my master’s degree studies at Aalto University in 2012 with Communications Engineering as my major. During my studies, I was involved in various projects in the Aalto Communications and Networking department, mainly for my bachelor’s and master’s theses. The working experience I gained  at Communications and Networking department gave me a great  head start for my career. In 2014, I moved to the UK and started to work as a software consultant. It was a great experience, yet my  dream was to work in telecommunications.
In 2015, I got accepted to the Cisco Sales Associate Program in Amsterdam and after one year I relocated back to Finland. Today, I’m a Virtual Systems Engineer at Cisco Systems Finland and part of a Global Virtual Engineering team that supports Cisco employees and Cisco Partners in various tasks related to presales. In summary, I think that Aalto University was a great platform to start my career and move forward. I really appreciate the experiences I gained with my studies and the student communities at Aalto. They have made me who I am today.

Abdalla Taha, Cisco

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