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Aalto University / students at Aalto University / photo by Aino Huovio

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Aalto University / LifeTech alumnus Mikael Parmala / photo by Mikael Parmala

"When I started my studies at Aalto University in 2008, I would have never guessed what kind of a journey I would have in front of me; interesting challenges and a lot of friends to share these with. Through my studies in Life Tech, I have honed my skills of scientific thinking and analysis which are becoming increasingly important in the modern world. Working in the Life Tech industry puts you face to face with the issues caused by the ever aging population of the world and the limited resources of our planet. However, Aalto and especially the Life Science Technologies programme really gives you the tools and the mindset required to face the problems humanity as a whole has in front of it!"

Mikael Parmala, R&D Physicist, Philips

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