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See what our students think about studying in the School of Electrical Engineering and at Aalto.
Aalto University / students in the corridor / photography Aino Huovio

Our students' stories

    Aalto University / Ishaan Saral

    Iā€™m originally from India and I moved to Finland in 2015 with my family after my father got an international job transfer. I studied in the IB Diploma Programme in Ressu high school in Helsinki and graduated in the summer 2018. When I was considering options for continuing my studies at university level, I compared available study options in Finland and some other European countries, and decided to apply for the Digital Systems and Design major at Aalto University. This major felt different as it provided studies in design, programming, entrepreneurship and management, automation, and electrical engineering. I also preferred to stay in Finland and wanted to continue to study in English. Regarding my studies, I expects to learn more mathematics, electronics and programming, and new things about entrepreneurship and management, as well as more Finnish language at some point.

    Ishaan Sameer Saral, Student in the Digital Systems and Design major

    Aalto University / student Andreas Hitz

    "I chose Aalto because it offers an enormous amount of various interesting lectures. The university gives its students the opportunity to choose from courses not only within their own fields of study, but also from other schools - Engineering, Business or Arts - and include it in their own major. In the School of Electrical Engineering, I found a very interesting and challenging topic for my thesis which is deeply connected to Computer Science, my major. It is not only the academic offering and interdisciplinarity that make Aalto a great place to study, but the whole ecosystem: hackathons like Junction or DASH, or events like FallUp or Slush organized by Aalto students give you the chance to get involved in the Aalto community and gain useful knowledge and skills."

    Andreas Hitz, Bachelor student in the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany, exchange student at Aalto

    Aalto University / postdoc researcher David Gonzalez

    "My experience in Finland and Aalto University has had a profound  impact on my career as it has allowed me to really connect the two  worlds: theory and practice, academy and industry. Through it, I had  the possibility to grow personally and professionally in a truly research-oriented society. The study programs and the ecosystem in the  School of Electrical Engineering were international, multidisciplinary, up-to-date and industry-and-research-oriented.  Collaboration with the industry is intensive, giving students very  high exposure, precious project-related experience, and good future integration opportunities."

    David Gonzalez, Postdoctoral researcher at Aalto  

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