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Alumni stories

    Aalto University / Data Science alumnus Hannes Heikinheimo

    "I completed my doctoral studies in Aalto in 2010. Since then I have worked in data science projects in different places including Google, Nokia, Rovio, Reaktor and Apple. Having studied machine learning has opened up opportunities for me that I could not have imagined when I started my studies. Artificial intelligence is transforming society in an unprecedented way, and data science is right in the center of the revolution. Aalto is a great place to study these skills needed to succeed in the new AI-driven world!"

    Hannes HeikinheimoSpeechgrinder, Reaktor Ventures, Reaktor

     	Aalto University / Data Science alumnus Matti Aksela

    “After getting my PhD in Information Technology with focus on machine learning, I moved onto the industry where I found that many interesting business problems could be solved with machine learning related methods. I have had the opportunity to work in multiple industry verticals and have seen the adaptation of data science across industries progress very quickly. I highly recommend the field for anyone interested in playing a key role in the next step of our evolution as not only data driven individuals and companies, but a data driven intelligent society as a whole.”

    Matti Aksela, Vice President, Artificial Intelligence, F-Secure

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