Foresail-1 is a satellite mission of Finnish Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Space hosting two payloads - the particle telescope (PATE) from the University of Turku and deorbiting plasma brake device from the Finnish meteorological institute. The spacecraft is designed and built in Aalto University.
Foresail-1 satellite

Foresail-1 is a satellite mission of the Finnish Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Space, and its main payload is the Particle Telescope (PATE), developed by the University of Turku.

PATE is a particle detector capable of measuring electrons and protons, their energies and pitch angles. The electrons are monitored with a range from 80 to 1600 keV with a single channel, while the protons are monitored with a range from 8 to 30 MeV in two energy channels.

The secondary payload is the Electrostatic Plasma Brake, developed by the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The device is designed to lower the orbit altitude of the satellite and finally deorbit the satellite.

The Foresail-1 satellite will be launched in late 2021.


Responsible Leader: Professor Jaan Praks ([email protected])

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