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Smart-Ready Buildings for People and Resource Flow in Sharing Cities

The Smart-Ready Buildings project aims to conceptualize the benefits of building smartness from the perspectives of carbon-neutral energy systems as well as flexible resource sharing (services and facilities) in buildings.
Aalto University campus lights. Photo: Mika Huisman
Aerial view of the Otaniemi campus of Aalto University


Schedule: 1 March 2022–31 December 2024

Budget: 900 000 €

Finance: Business Finland funding for leading companies and ecosystems ("Veturi Roadmap"). Leading company, KONE “The Flow of Urban Life”

Industry Partners: KONE, BoostBrothers, Newsec, OP Property Management, Siemens, Sello, Aalto University Campus & Real Estate, Siemens, Spacent.

Summary: The research project is looking for a solution for the sustainable and smooth adaptation of billions of new city dwellers in line with the objectives of KONE’s "The flow of urban life" ecosystem. Through the project, a practical model is developed to increase the buildings readiness for urbanization. The model is developed by utilizing the already existing EU-driven framework, i.e., smart readiness indicator for buildings (SRI).  

This project has two primary objectives:

  1. to explore, by utilizing concrete real-life cases, how commercially viable "smart readiness" can be defined in buildings and cities in such a way that it supports the flexible utilization of the resources in urban and energy networks.
  2. to define from the customer’s point of view the central drivers, which motivate the users to deploy the smart ready services and to improve the resource efficiency in buildings and cities and eventually improve customer experience and create new business opportunities. 

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Is the Finnish residential sector ready to utilize the Smart readiness indicator?

Adopting the smart readiness indicator (SRI) might become mandatory in the European Union in the coming years. Are Finnish real estate owners ready to adapt smartness in their rental residential portfolio?

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The awareness and readiness of real estate to adopt the smart readiness indicator (SRI)


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Anniina Saari, Seppo Junnila, Jussi Vimpari 2022 Applied Sciences

The contribution of smart buildings to low-carbon built environment

Eerika Janhunen, Seppo Junnila 2022 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science

Measuring smartness: Mapping out smart maturity in modern commercial buildings

Aron Sajavaara 2023 Aalto University School of Engineering (master's thesis)

The adoption of the Smart readiness indicator in the Finnish residential rental property market

Sami Kaartinen 2023 Aalto University School of Engineering (master's thesis)
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