Webropol - Electronic survey system

Webropol is an electronic survey system that is available to students and staff members at Aalto University. The system can be used to perform electronic surveys and implement statistical and quality-related analyses of data.

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  • A free system for the people at Aalto where they can create high-quality surveys in support of research
  • The system also provides tools for reporting and processing of information


  • planning of surveys
  • collection of information via either the respondents’ email or a public link
  • Event registrations (Webropol Events) including online payments
  • real-time reporting (Web graphics)
  • raw data in different formats (such as a matrix format; can be utilized in Excel, for example)

The electronic survey system Webropol has been purchased as a campus licence, so it can be used by all the people at Aalto. It includes the following components, for example:

  • Collecting and reporting information
  • Text Mining
  • Insight
  • Scientific
  • e-Scoring


The service includes 80,000 surveys and 8,000,000 emails annually. The weekly limit is 160,000 emails. Webropol has the right to stop the sending of emails, if they generate more spam alerts than average.


If you have any questions or you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:

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