Visitors and students - Travel arrangements and expense reimbursement

The Travel Services team always takes care of travel reservations for visitors.

Visitors and other third parties

Travel bookings

The Travel Service team takes care of travel reservations for visitors. The inviter or host of the visitor can send a visitor travel booking request to [email protected]

The request should have the following details (please, without recipients in cc or bcc field):

  • email subject field: destination and travel dates
  • email message: travelers's names and contact details, destination and required services and schedule 

Make sure to include the reference ID of your request in all your email communication (Subject field) with Aalto travel service team.  Any changes to your request are best done by phone. In such case you also need the request reference ID number. 

Travel takes place in tourist class. Visitors are accommodated in contract hotels whenever possible. If a spouse has been accompanying on the trip, the price of a single room is reimbursed.

The Travel Service team will assist in organising visitors’ travel insurance if needed.

Reimbursements to visitors and other third parties

The travel expenses of visits directly linked to the university's core activities may, under certain conditions, be reimbursed tax-free.

  • For visitors who are employed elsewhere, the university can reimburse travel expenses (daily allowance, travel tickets, kilometer allowances, accommodation, etc.) in accordance with the Tax Authority’s guidelines. If a visitor is not employed elsewhere (e.g. freelancer), travel expenses to Aalto or daily allowances can not be paid.
  • If a visitor does not represent their employer during their trip or visits purely on their own initiative, travel expenses are not reimbursed, and no daily allowance is paid.
  • Reimbursements for travel expenses as well as daily allowances can only be paid to private individuals. If a visitor prefers billing through a company, the case is handled as a purchase invoice.
  • The unit in question pays the travel expenses and daily allowances for opponents in doctoral defences (also possible rental expenses for a dress coat are paid). Any expenses for the post-doctoral celebration are paid by the defendant.
  • For persons coming to Tenure Track site-visits, accommodation and travel expenses can be reimbursed tax-free against a receipt. However, daily allowances and kilometer allowances are not paid. Visits are combined with research collaboration discussions or other types of programs in addition to the interview.
  • The travel expenses and daily allowances of Emeriti professors may be reimbursed if they have a valid Emeritus agreement, the trip clearly benefits Aalto (for example speaking in a conference as Aalto's representative), and travel and reimbursements have been agreed on in advance.
  • If the traveler is employed by another organisation, the recommendation is that the organisation in question pays the traveler's expenses and then invoices the amount from Aalto University.
  • Research subjects can be compensated for expenses directly linked to the research, and in medical research expenses for traveling to Aalto can also be reimbursed.
  • Visitors can not be reimbursed for costs unrelated to trips tax-free, because they can not obtain products or services as a representative of Aalto.
  • Special cases (for example, combining business travel with personal holidays) are interpreted the same way as with Aalto employees.
  • Travel expenses of the visitor’s family members cannot be reimbursed tax-free. If the host department has agreed with the visitor to cover travel costs of family members, the costs have to be included in the remuneration. Tax officials regard travel cost reimbursement to family members as a taxable benefit.

The differences in compensations are also stated in the below attached expense compensation categories table.

Reimbursement of visitor's travel expenses

The visitor's personal and bank account details together with the information about the travel expenses are collected on an electronic reimbursement form.

Electronic reimbursement form

The reimbursement form is processed as follows:

  1. The host or a designated person at the department fills in the basic details of the visit
  2. The guest fills in his/her personal and bank account details and attaches the receipts in pdf or jpg format to the form
  3. Verifier (host, approver or a designated person) verifies and confirms the information given by the guest
  4. Aalto Travel Support team processes guest's travel expense claim in NEO -system
  5. The reimbursement will be paid to the guest's bank account within 2-3 weeks

The form is meant for handling travel expense claims of one-time guests. The guest's profile in NEO - travel and expense management system is valid for 12 months. If the person visits Aalto again during this time, the request for travel expense reimbursement together with the receipts can be sent by email to [email protected]. However, if the guest's personal details (e.g. bank account) have changed, using the electronic form ensures that the guest's profile in NEO is updated accordingly.

More detailed instructions and a description of the workflow can be found in the user guide attached below.

TIN is a personal identification number/letter combination used by countries to identify taxpayers and facilitate the administration of their national tax affairs. TIN is required from non-resident taxpayers as part of information reported to the national Incomes Register, which includes earnings, fringe benefits, bonuses, compensation for work and other earned income. Also tax-free and taxable reimbursements of expenses must be reported. 


Travel plans

For trips made by students, a travel plan form needs to be filled in. If several students are going on the same trip, a joint travel plan must be made with a list of participants attached. The form must be sent to the Travel Service team [email protected] in order for students to have a valid travel insurance. When you send the travel plan to the team, please indicate if the plan is for insurance only or if you also require travel bookings.

Reimbursements to students

Students can be reimbursed for travel expenses for trips from Aalto to a third place when the trip is linked to studies or connected to an assignment for which the student will be paid a separate taxable fee. Aalto travel instructions regarding special cases such as combining the trip with personal holidays are applied to the student travel the same way as with Aalto employees. Other expenses can also be reimbursed to students if the expenses are linked to studies and they have been agreed upon in advance. Daily allowances are not paid to students. 

Doctoral students who have a foundation grant and a strong link to the faculty (work space, access rights, part of a research team) and Aalto's unpaid interns can be reimbursed for travel expenses from Aalto to a third place.

Students make and submit their expense claims in NEO system. The instructions for making an expense report can be found below.

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