Video and media services for teachers

How to use effectively video and media in teaching? Need technical or pedagogical support for your hybrid teaching? Would you like to discuss on possibilities that VR might bring to your teaching? Teacher support media team is your companion for all video and media-related pursuits, from planning to production – let's co-create!
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Video and interactive media is increasingly essential part of today's university teaching and learning. Teacher services media team provides consultation from a small video lecture to complete the media design of a course. We can help you with the following themes: pedagogical design of educational media, technical solutions, digital accessibility, copyrights, hybrid classroom and interactive media. 

In addition, we provide hands-on help in different phases of media production. Whether it is getting familiar with a new device or a bigger production, we are there to guide you. 

We provide training with AV equipment and self-service spaces like VR Hub or video recording studios. 

If you want to explore the possibilities of interactive content, like virtual reality or augmented reality, our specialists are ready to help plan and carry out your ideas. 

Teacher support media team specialists

 Kalle Kataila

Kalle Kataila

Video productions, VR, 360' photo & video, podcasts
 Timo Ovaska

Timo Ovaska

VR & AR, hybrid teaching
 Antti Huittinen

Antti Huittinen

Hybrid teaching, video, 360' photo & video

Silvana Perez Läherinta

VR storytelling, hybrid teaching
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