Version control system for software development

Aalto Version Control System can be used to host software development projects. It helps considerably collaboration in research projects and course projects. It's very useful to store and share personal software projects, whether they are research outputs, study projects, thesis or other. Service can be used to distribute and return assignments in programming courses.
Aalto Version Control System

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  • Git version control system running on a Gitlab Community Edition software
  • Supports login with Aalto credentials and HAKA
  • Possibility to invite external users for collaborative projects
  • Hosted onsite at Aalto data centers, Finland


If you have any questions or you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:


  • There's no support for binary files, use space prudently for storing source code only
  • Basic features for projects and source code repositories enabled
    • No LFS, Pages, CI/CD, Container registries -- other alternatives exist in Aalto
  • Service can't handle a change in employment status (student/staff or organization change), but account could get blocked, contact [email protected] if that happens
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