Sharing and publishing research data

Sharing and publishing research data is important for reuse, scientific impact and compliance to funders' requirements. Take a closer look to these instructions to learn about recommended services and possibilities on how to publish data at Aalto University.
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Publishing research data

Publishing the underlying research data increases citations to your journal articles and other publications.

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Data publishing repositories

Data publishing repositories used in Aalto University

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Software as a research outcome

In many disciplines, researchers develop software as part of their research work. Software can either be a primary academic output to be widely used, or a byproduct of getting other work done.

Laine, H (ed.) 2018 Tracing Data - Data Citation Roadmap for Finland. Helsinki, Finland: Finnish Committee for Research Data. URN:

Data Citation

Referencing data is as simple as citing publications, and citations to data can be counted and used in research metrics in the same way as the citations to articles.

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Reusing data in research

Benefit from an existing dataset as a starting point to your research. Here are information on data reuse and links to search services.


Links to research data management instructions

Follow these links to navigate through research data management instructions.

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Introduction to Research data management (RDM) and Open Science

Properly managed research data creates competitive edge and is an important part of a high-quality research process.

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