School Level Branding - How to implement it?

Project team just launched the opportunity to use School Level Branding in HUBs. You can implement School level Branding via HUBs edit mode.

How to implement it?

Change your HUB into edit mode.

Browse through Basic Information of the HUB and choose the right branding from the drop down menu called “Branding (all languages)”. Save.

School Level Branding Instructions -  How To?

Each school have their own unique branding available. By using school level branding you can differentiate from other HUBs and make it easier for the visitors to understand in to what context each content entity is belonging to.

School level branding can be used at many levels such as School of Business, its departments, research groups and projects, for example. It is good to remember that the branding of each school can be used in multiple HUBs, not only at School HUB. 

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