Restoring a file (Windows, Mac, Linux)

With an Aalto workstation, you can restore previous versions of your files from folders on the Home or Work disks.

With an Aalto workstation, you can restore previous versions of your files from folders on the Home or Work disks.

Windows 7

File deleted by accident or file missing

1. Open the folder where the file was located.

Restoring files instructions 1



2. Return to a higher level in the file hierarchy. Select the folder that contained the missing file, and click on the right mouse button. Select Restore previous versions from the menu that opens on the screen.

Restoring files instructions 2



3. From the folder history, select the date and time where the missing file can still be found.

4. Open the folder by double-clicking or by selecting first the folder and then Open. If you select Copy, you can make a copy of the whole folder. We do not recommend selecting the Restoreoption, because the folder of the time you choose will become the current folder. In such a case, all the current files in the folder will be overwritten permanently.

Restoring files instructions 3



5. Click on the folder of your choice. Click on the right mouse button and select Copy. Open your current folder, click on the right mouse button and select Paste.

6. The file has now been restored.

Restoring files instructions 4



Instructions for restoring a previous version of a file

1. Restore a previous version of a file by selecting the file and, in the menu that opens, use the right mouse button to select Restore previous versions.

Restoring files instructions 5



2. Select the date and time of the restoration.

3. Copy the file to a new location and rename it.

Restoring files instructions 6




1. In Finder, open Applications. Then select aalto and Remote Desktop Connections (Windows) - rds01.rdp. Alternatively, you can search directly: /Applications/Microsoft Remote

The application is in our distribution, but if it is missing, the administrator of the classroom computer or the user of the laptop can install it with the Managed Software Center program.

Restoring files Mac instructions



2. Select New "+" in the top left corner of the window.

3. Type the following details in the new window:

  • Connection name: rds01
  • PC name:
  • Username: AALTO\username  (type your own Aalto username)
  • Password: (type your own Aalto password)
  • Resolution: (select a resolution lower than in the monitor you are using, such as 1024x768)
  • Colors: True Color
  • Full Screen Mode: Custom
  • [  ] Start session in full screen (untick the box)
  • [  ] Scale content (untick the box)

4. Log in to your desktop in remote Windows and search for previous versions in the same way as in Aalto Windows; see the Windows instructions above.


This example works with a general server or Aalto’s Linux workstation (desktop only), in the Home or Work folder.

1. Go to the folder where you wish to restore your file(s).

2. Change to a hidden folder with the command cd .snapshot/

3. The snapshot/ folder is not visible in the file list on ls, for example, but it contains subfolders updated on the hourly, nightly and weekly levels.  

> cd myDirectory

> cd .snapshot

> ls

hourly.0  hourly.16 hourly.23 hourly.8   nightly.2 weekly.0 weekly.8

hourly.1  hourly.17 hourly.24 hourly.9   nightly.3 weekly.1 weekly.9

hourly.10 hourly.18 hourly.25 nightly.0  nightly.4 weekly.2

hourly.11 hourly.19 hourly.3  nightly.1  nightly.5 weekly.3

hourly.12 hourly.2  hourly.4  nightly.10 nightly.6 weekly.4

hourly.13 hourly.20 hourly.5  nightly.11 nightly.7 weekly.5

hourly.14 hourly.21 hourly.6  nightly.12 nightly.8 weekly.6

hourly.15 hourly.22 hourly.7  nightly.13 nightly.9 weekly.7

4. If you lost the file two days ago, select nightly.2

> cd nightly.2

5. If the name of your missing file is, for example, myLostfile, copy it to your home directory, for instance, so that it is safe.

> cp myLostfile ~/myRestoredFile

6. Your missing file is now in your home directory.

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