Research infrastructures in ACRIS

Funding agencies base their funding decisions partially on infrastructure usage and research output. That is why it is important acknowledging the use of research infrastructure in your publications. This webpage contains instructions on how to link your research output records in Acris to the information of Aalto University research infrastructure, equipment and facilities (RI).

If you have utilized Aalto infrastructure (infra) for your research:

  1. Acknowledge in your research output e.g. journal article or conference paper the contribution of the infra:
    • The computational resources provided by  Aalto Science-IT are acknowledged…
    • The authors acknowledge the provision of facilities  and technical support by Aalto University OtaNano – Nanofabrication Centre, Otanano -Nanomicroscopy Center  and  Science-IT.
    • The authors acknowledge the Aalto University Bioeconomy research infrastructure as well as Raw Materials Research Infrastructure
  2. The ACRIS staff will add to the research output record the link to the infra as a part of publication's importing/validation process:
    • We check the acknowledge parts included in the publications
    • We add to the imported/validated output records links to infras, based on the information available in acknowledgements  
  3. When you add a new record of a research output to ACRIS, link infra to the record (publication metadata):
    • See Instructions on how to add an article record to ACRIS

    • Scroll down the record to Relations-section 

    • Select Facilities/Equipment and search for the appropriate infra by typing the infra’s name into the search field (list of infra names available below)
    • Click Save to close the form 
  4. Check your research output records in ACRIS, in case links to infra are missing, please, add links to your output records yourself or contact [email protected] and ACRIS service staff will add links for you
    • Open your profile in ACRIS by clicking on the Edit profile button
    • Click Relations (link on the left)
    • Choose My output records
    • Open output records of the research where you have utilized infra
    • Scroll down the record to Relations-section
    • Check Facilities/Equipment, is there name/names of infra you have utilized
    • Adding link to infra: Select (click) Facilities/Equipment and search for the appropriate infra by typing the infra’s name into the search field (list of infra names available below)
    • Click Save with your mouse to close the form

Note: The following infrastructures are part of main infrastructure OtaNano. In case you link one or more of these subinfras to your output record, link also OtaNano to the record.

  • OtaNano – Low Temperature Laboratory
  • OtaNano – Nanofab
  • OtaNano – Nanomicroscopy Center

Research outputs records with links to infrastructure are showcased on the web page of each infrastructure: University infrastructures: infrastructures are added to ACRIS by service staff, contact person: Mikko Mikkola ([email protected])

If you have any questions concerning infra in ACRIS, please contact  [email protected]

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