Research infrastructures in ACRIS

This website contains instructions on how to link your research output records in Acris to the information of Aalto University research infrastructure, equipment and facilities (RI).

If you have utilized Aalto infrastructure (infra) for your research:

  1. Acknowledge in your research output e.g. journal article or conference paper the contribution of the infra
  2. When you add a new record of a research output to ACRIS, link infra to the record (publication metadata)
  3. Check your research output records in ACRIS, in case links to infra are missing, please, add links to your output records yourself or contact [email protected] and ACRIS service staff will add links for you

Research outputs records with links to infrastructure are showcased on the web page of each infrastructure: University infrastructures: you have any questions concerning infra in ACRIS, please contact  [email protected]

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ACRIS Instructions

Learn how to add your research outputs and other activities to ACRIS research information system.

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