Research data and ACRIS

You can upload and share your datasets in ACRIS. ACRIS may also be used to display metadata of datasets stored in external data repositories.

Register your dataset to ACRIS

Register your dataset stored in an external data repository by inserting the descriptive metadata of it to Aalto University’s ACRIS system. In ACRIS metadata refers to for example title, creator and description of the dataset. Your metadata of datasets may be showcased in e.g. private and public CVs.

Please find more information about data repositories on Aalto RDM repository page.

It is also possible to upload and share datasets as such through ACRIS, if there is no appropriate data repository available.

If you cannot open the data, we recommend you to add the descriptive metadata to ACRIS.

Note that in the Academy of Finland funded projects you are required to open the metadata of datasets even if you cannot open the data. You can either add the metadata by yourself or send the information to [email protected] . You can also send questions related to data management plans.

Instructions: Adding datasets or metadata of data to ACRIS

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ACRIS Instructions

Learn how to add your research outputs and other activities to ACRIS research information system.

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