Reporting junk email (spam) and phishing in Outlook and Webmail

You can report junk email (spam), phishing or email interpreted incorrectly as junk email.

Reporting dangerous email to IT Security

Phishing, malware, and dangerous scams should always be reported to IT Security ([email protected]). 

Do not delete the message(s) until IT security has verified your report and gives you further instructions. 

And whatever you do, do NOT click links or open attachments before the verdict. Always wait for IT security to respond.

A message incorrectly interpreted as spam should also be reported to IT Security.


Reporting reqular spam email

Outlook Windows

1. Open the message.

2. Select Report Message from the top navigation (if not shown, under three dots... > Protection > Report Message

Report message Outlook Windows

3. Select Junk.

Outlook Mac

1. Select the message.

2. Select Report Junk.

Webmail (

1. Select the message with mouse right-click.

2. Select Report.

3. Select Report junk.

Report message Webmail

Related instructions

How to report a malicious or suspicious email

Aalto University ITS security requests samples of malicious or suspicious emails arriving at Aalto. These messages usually are scam and phishing and they may contain malware hidden in attachments.

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