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Aalto offers a solution for creating websites for projects quickly and without additional project costs.

The Project websites solution is based on the WordPress content management system. WordPress is used as a cloneable website template; this means that new websites can be easily created by cloning an existing template.

What is the Project websites solution suited for?

The solution is designed to meet the needs that research projects have for a website. It can also be used for other purposes within the limitations of its existing features.

The solution takes into consideration requirements that are not in accordance with the Aalto brand, such as collaborative projects involving multiple parties.

Key features

  • Editors can log in using Aalto credentials.
  • Multiple content types for various publishing needs, for example, news, events, landing pages.
  • Versatile content management tools.
  • Website analytics solution.
  • Search functionality.
  • Four different colour options for non-Aalto branded websites, as well as one Aalto branded interface theme.
  • The template includes accessibility statement and privacy notice required by law.

The service also includes the necessary domain and certificate for setting up the website. Two formats are available for the domain:

  2. ( subdomain)

If you choose to use the format ( subdomain), please note that:

  • you need to obtain approval from Aalto University's communications beforehand. To obtain approval, please contact [email protected].
  • you need to select a user interface theme that aligns with the brand.


The main idea behind the Project websites solution is a website template that can be cloned. The template includes the necessary basic features for a website but does not allow project-specific customisation. The rationale for this approach is maintainability, security, ensuring accessibility and minimising ongoing costs.


The costs of creating a new website with the Project websites solution are approximately 100 to 200 euros. 

The ongoing costs for an individual website are around 20 to 50 euros per month. The ongoing maintenance costs include servers, data traffic and security updates.

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