OtaNano - Low Temperature Laboratory

OtaNano host world-class facilities for studying physical phenomena at ultra-low temperatures, nanoelectronics and quantum technology.

OtaNano Low Temperature Laboratory houses a large variety of research facilities for low-temperature and nanoelectronics research.  The facilities include thirteen dilution refrigerators for sub 1 K research, three nuclear demagnetization cryostats for sub mK research, and facilities, such as a microRaman setup and an atomic force microscope, for characterizing samples after fabrication. For sample preparation, e-beam lithography can be carried out down to 100 nm resolution in a semi-clean-room environment.

The Low Temperature Laboratory furthers scientific research and technical development efforts in low-temperature physics, quantum and nano electronics, and cryotechnologies. The facilities are a valuable asset for physicists, as well as for small high-tech companies working with cryogenic applications. The Low Temperature Laboratory offers researchers the opportunity to perform research work at temperatures below four degrees on the Kelvin scale all the way down to record-lows. The apparatus can also be utilised by hi-tech companies in their own research work.

Since 1994, the Low Temperature Laboratory has also functioned within the context of European infrastructure cooperation, whose aim, in recent years, has been to open the European ultra-low temperature infrastructure towards more comprehensive research use in the framework of the European Microkelvin Platform.

The facilities are located in Nano building, Puumiehenkuja 2, Otaniemi.

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Further information:

Staff Scientist Alexander Savin
[email protected]
tel. +358 50 344 2752

Staff Scientist Joonas Peltonen
[email protected]
tel. +358 50 574 3053

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